AGILIS is a new sportwear brand created by Shane Williams MBE. A Welsh sporting icon and the highest British try-scorer in international rugby union, since retiring from the professional game he has found a new passion in endurance sports. 

Demanding the highest standards of himself and his equipment that saw him become World Player of the Year in 2008, Shane never found a brand that gave him the competitive edge he was looking for when racing, while looking equally good in his leisure time. 

So he decided to create his own.

AGILIS is the result of twelve months of development. But just as every result in rugby is part of a journey rather than a destination in itself, so the launch of AGILIS is just the beginning of a journey for the brand which Shane hopes will achieve the same success as he did in his playing career.

Having lived all his life in the Amman Valley, he has been surrounded by some of the most scenic – and challenging – cycle rides in the country and so he has grown up in a cycling culture and seen first-hand the explosion in popularity of the sport. He therefore wanted to create a product that would give benefits to riders, whether they be top competitors or social cyclists. 

Alongside the premier cyclewear range is the leisurewear. Shane explains, “Throughout my life I’ve worn hundreds of sets of kit by many manufacturers, I feel like my career has been one long market-research exercise. I wanted a range of leisurewear that helps me prepare in the right manner for competition, but comfortable and stylish enough to wear every day in any context.”